SPARX, terapia digital

Jogos podem ser uma forte arma de influência à violência no indivíduo, principalmente imaturo, mas ao mesmo tempo, mesmo que uma criança não consiga dividir a realidade com a ficção, ela consegue aprender a dominar a sua própria mente. O Zelda foi a defesa desse ponto de vista, como sendo um jogo de inteligência.

Nesse caso e em tantos outros, você usa a mente como defesa e não como martírio, até que você realmente consiga alcançar o desafio proposto. O pensamento é a arma mais poderosa que existe.

vide o texto, “reality check”,..

Resumindo, se nós aprendermos a dominar os nossos sentimentos, intrínsecos, e de sobrevivência, saberemos colocar essas armas, que vem de dentro, para fora. E não necessariamente essa, será de forma análoga à situação de simulação proposta.

Ao contrário do que colocamos então, o jogo é uma atividade quase que necessária para treinar a mente em uma realidade cheia de ruídos. Cada vez mais tem gente que comete suicídio, ou assassinato, por não saber administrar o que pensa.

Since the rise of the mobile phones, the internet and especially social media, the way people communicate has changed dramatically. For young people who have communicated within this digitally connected society their entire lives, talking about your feelings with a therapist might not be the most comfortable environment. Young people are a lot more at ease talking about their feelings by texting via mobile phone, chatting online or even by playing an online self-help game like SPARX.

Another example is the Dutch initiative, ‘aimed at 12 to 22 year olds, which offers information, self-testing and the possibility to (anonymously) chat with a professional about their depression. <>

For an interesting perspective on how young people can be helped by texting, watch this TED talk by Nancy Lublin

something that is so familiar and confortable to them, pricess text hotline – powerfull fast pricacy texting quietly, real time. helping million of teens and creates a data. principalmente para prever que aconteca novamente. foi feito um mapeamento que possa prever o futuro. cause there’s no senses of this but imagine real time data, when is achieved the immediate impact registration.

PONTOS DE DESCORDANCIA: O USO DA FERRAMENTA PODENDO ESTIMULAR O NAO USO DA FALA?? Texting is a tool, but never should we forget, too much of it will kill our humanity – what about emotions? what about tone? or body language. We should not forget that language is not the only form of communication, and that it consists of a very small portion of our daily lives.

Sure the idea is great and I support it, but we also shouldn’t forget that this form of communication has been the source of much controversy in our society now.

BUT HERE IS THE THING:  they are sending messages to 200,000 kids a week! And the kids are not calling the number – they are replying by text. That is the preferred communicaton channel for the kids themselves. When dealing with sensitive issues, calling when the kids are around friends or parents or teachers isn’t going to work – they will hang up rather than let somebody hear one side of the conversation. But they will read and send texts almost anywhere, anytime.


some “kids” can text and make up stories just for fun.. How would they tell the difference whether they require attention otherwise they will just waste their time. You hear that police get jokey phone calls and stuff like that.. Just sain

Regardless of whether texting is already being utilized by social services such as Suicide Prevention and Child Help Lines or not, this is a powerful presentation which can serve to bring the importance of the issue to a main stream audience where perhaps it may get the attention that it deserves. Many people suffer in silence because they have lost their voice to speak up and get the help that they desperately need. If those people are able to reach out via text and express themselves, I think it is wonderful to make that option available to them as a starting point to get help. I do not believe that text provides an adequate platform for providing actual help beyond the initial contact, however if it opens the door for communication between teens and those who can help them, I’m all for it.


What is SPARX?

SPARX is a self-help computer programme for young people with symptoms of depression. The programme has been developed by a team of specialists in treating adolescent depression from the University of Auckand. The project was led by Associate Professor Sally Merry. Metia Interactivedesigned the software. Funding for the development and evaluation of SPARX was provided by the Ministry of Health.

SPARX is a 3D fantasy game aiming at young people diagnosed with depression. The self-help computer program is developed by specialists in adolescent depression from the University of Auckland and teaches young people skills to manage symptoms of their disease. Nearly half of the 94 participants recovered entirely from depression by playing SPARX.

In order to actively engage young people, SPARX uses a 3D fantasy game environment and a custom-made soundtrack. The programme teaches skills to manage symptoms of depression, in a self-directed learning format.

Young people learn cognitive behavioural therapy techniques for dealing with symptoms of depression (e.g. dealing with negative thoughts, problem-solving, activity scheduling, and relaxation). It can be used with minimal oversight.

Users are able to customise their avatar and journey to the seven Provinces, each with a unique set of challenges and puzzles.

Our project is based on a successful pilot study carried out by Dr Karolina Stasiak, as part of her PhD.


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