Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes – video animation

In March 2013, reports of a hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, the US detention camp in Cuba, began to surface. Details were sketchy and were contradicted by statements from the US military. Now, using testimony from five detainees, this animated film reveals the daily brutality of life inside Guantánamo. Today there are 17 prisoners still on hunger strike, 16 of whom are being force-fed. Two are in hospital.




Élan vital

Low down your expectations. Perfection is maybe an illusory and temporary model, that send shivers up our spine. The visions of perfection are in this daily small energies, what inspires you.


“A vida eh a sequencia de encontros ineditos com o mundo. Portanto, ele nao se deixa traduzir em formula de nenhuma especie. (…) Que tal encarar o mundo como ele eh? No seu ineditismo, na sua virgindade, na sua irrepetibilidade, (…) Sao esses momentos que a gente persegue, e farao dela dignissima de ser buscada e fantastica de ser vivida.” Professor Clovis de Barros Filho